Corporate Drama Training Programmes And Workshops By Actor Gaurav Nanda

India's Best Corporate Training Workshops & Programmes By Actor Gaurav Nanda
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ― Helen Keller

Gaurav Nanda Is An Actor And One Of The Top International Method Acting,Corporate,High Performance Conditioning And Life Coaches Of India.

With World Wide Expertise On Various Method Acting Approaches,Psychological Techniques & Science Governing Human Behaviour,He Has Developed Various Workshops & Techniques To Train The Human Machine ( Human Mind & Body ) To Attain Its Maximum Potential Which Is Passed By His Theatre Company Actor Studio India ( 

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Corporate Training Through Drama Programs By Gaurav Nanda :

Drama is an incredible tool for breaking down barriers & getting people working together. It can also be a safe way to release work issues & stress.

In essence, any learning` that is acquired in a drama based workshop will be through experiential, embodied learning.  Our participants are taken through exercises that keep them active, involved and self-aware.  The breakthroughs are personal, and participants will be able to take those, in some personally utilizable form, back into the workplace.

Why This Program:

Using Drama in corporate learning and development is not about creating actors but about giving people skills for life and business.  Taking improvisation techniques from the theatre and applying them within a business setting allows you to explore a wide range of issues.

Whether you want to use it to explore themes such as Leadership, Customer Service, Dealing with Difficult People, Presentation Skills, or other management issues, training with drama can be very effective by allowing people to experience new ways of thinking and behaving.

Various Corporate Drama Training Techniques & Programmes Of Gaurav Nanda :
  1. How body and mind works and how to use it to control our behavior 
  2. Voice speech and breathing techniques for effective communication and speech 
  3. How to get rid of yourself and become a neutral machine as you were born with 
  4. Role play and status exercises for understanding various situation and acting accordingly 
  5. The approach when speaking In Public or making a public appearance for effective impact 
  6. How to play your want and convince people. Thinking on the stop to achieve your wants 
  7. Various comedy techniques and improvisations techniques 
  8. How to control your body and your body language in front of others 
  9. Body movement techniques and relaxing your body 
  10. How to learn a text and make it your own while speaking 
  11. How to control your emotions and master it anytime you want 
  12. How to relax your mind and body and get close to yourself
  13. Be The Best Version Of You; High Performance Conditioning Workshop

Benefits Of The Program :
  • Releasing tension and stress
  • Improved leadership capabilities
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved teamwork
  •  Personal development and self-belief
  • Feel an increase in confidence
  • Develop a deeper sense of presence
  • Shedding away inhibition
  •  Awareness of your maximum potential

Over all we offer companies a new, fresh approach to training and inspiring staff by providing bespoke innovative training workshops, staff development and team building sessions. The training programs & workshops are conducted by Actor Gaurav Nanda, 
for more details – +919920622293 (Mumbai) I +919811500715(Delhi)


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